The Process The Process The Process

The "Process" of Dental Wellness:

  • Skilled/Empathetic LISTENING
  • Comprehensive CO-DIAGNOSIS
  • EXCELLENCE in Restorative Dentistry

Skilled/Empathetic LISTENING

Listening to you and your dental concerns are the foundation of our assessment.  Your personal dental "story" of pasted experiences coupled with your description of a strategy going forward, are very important to us.  From your very first phone call to our receptionists, during your initial interview with Dr. Cooke to the completion of your treatment, you will find a team of people keenly focused on your thoughts, your unique dental history and your strategy of oral health.   At your initial examination, Dr. Cooke will meet with you in private conference prior to any clinical examination.  During this interview, you will be given an opportunity to discuss with Dr. Cooke any issues or concerns that you feel have an influence on your reason for seeking our care. You will find Dr. Cooke to be a skilled listener and a compassionate advocate for you. Throughout your process with us, all team members will listen intently to how you feel about each and every experience you have.  "We are only as good as your last experience here" and your perception of this experience is important to us.


Comprehensive CO-DIAGNOSIS

Comprehensive diagnosis is the key to a successful dental experience.  Only when every aspect of your dental condition and medical history is fully understood can we be confident in our ability to plan your treatment.  YOU will be asked to fully participate in your own diagnosis.  This involves observing, learning, questioning and participating in the discovery process which includes, but is not limited to visual examination, radiographs, intra and extraoral photographs, periodontal (gum) evaluation and diagnostic model analysis on bite instrumentation.



YOU are the manager of your own health.  Our job is to make you aware of the conditions that exist in your mouth (co-diagnosis above) and if treatment is required, provide your alternatives. Given the knowledge you gain in co-diagnosis, you will fully participate in planning your case.  We will work very hard to discover your strategy and tailor any treatment in accordance with your thoughts and financial considerations. You are involved in the timing of how you want to proceed.  Cases are initiated and completed on the timetable of each individual client.  Prior to beginning treatment, pre-arranged financial arrangements are discussed and planned so that you feel comfortable proceeding.



Excellence in restorative dentistry means you receive Dr. Cooke's commitment and passion for his practice.  Dr. Cooke has 36 dedicated years of providing excellence to his private client base.  Never the ordinary, his love of his work with clients like yourself, will be quite evident from the beginning of your experience in our office.  While in his care, Dr. Cooke will take very seriously his commitment to you and your treatment success.  Excellence means his commitment to continuing education. Excellence means his commitment to providing a facility and equipment that is state-of-the-art.  Excellence means his commitment to a team of dedicated auxiliaries. It means the investment in the highest quality materials and the dedication to unmatched service.  Excellence is his relationship and restorative cooperation with his in-office dental laboratory team of professional technicians and ceramists. The cooperative effort between Dr. Cooke and Ken and Lee Scullin, (see Laboratory in "About Us") provides unique results from contour of restorations to their beautiful cosmetics and lifelike appearance.  Routine technical excellence is the goal we strive for every day.   Dr. Cooke is passionate about treating you in a way that will exceed your expectations!