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"I would like to thank everyone who wrote a testimonial for this web site. Your kind words and descriptive testimonials are providing our prospective patients with an honest assesment of our dental care and staff."

Dr. Stephen D. Cooke



"As a professional and collegiate football coach, my family and I change zip codes much more than I care to admit. With each move, we scramble to find the best medical care in the area. Our experience with Dr. Cooke and his fantastic staff has been the best of all of our travels. It is low stress from beginning to end. Scheduling, reminders, locations and most important, the results are always first rate. The whole office has a very ‘family’ feel from your first visit, and you’ll be included in. Thanks again for everything."

Mike Sulllivan
Tennessee Titans



"Other than my family, Dr. Cooke and Karen have been a constant in my life for as long as I care to remember. I am forever grateful for their kindness, compassion, and true friendship, in addition to superb dental care."

Beth Snyder
Fairview Park, OH



"This dental practice offers a skilled, respectful and comprehensive approach with every encounter.  The dentistry is methodical and in-depth.  Communication is ever-present, with staff immediately and patiently addressing questions and concers as they arise.  Our family has received and always looks forward to receiving excellent clinical care, genuine compassion and interest in our well-being."

The Sellers Family,
Chagrin Falls, Ohio



"As a busy medical professional, and longstanding patient of Dr. Cooke's, I sincerely appreciate the professionalism and high quality dental care which Dr. Cooke and his team provides. His office staff truly epitomizes the highest standards of service oriented, efficient, patient centered care and I have nothing but praise for Dr. Cooke and his team. He is thorough, meticulous and truly an artist when it comes to restorative dentistry. I routinely recommend him to all my friends, family and patients."

Matt Kraay, MD
Director, Division of Joint Reconstruction and Arthritis Surgery
University Hospital of Cleveland


"I have recieved excellent professional care at Stephen Cooke's dental office. Dr. Cooke was thorough in all facets of my procedure. I felt very comfortable and confident knowing I was in well trained hands. You can feel confident with the dental care you will receive. I refer my patients and family for their dental care to Dr. Cooke."

Robert DeMaria, DC NHD



"Dr Stephen Cooke and Staff,

During the past calendar year, you and your staff have treated a number of our players, families, front office staff and traveling party Not only has the feedback been positive - it has been over the top. Many report it was their best dental experience ever. 

Again - Thank you for your truly professional approach in meeting all of our scheduled dental and emergent dental needs.


Lonnie Soloff, Head Athletic Trainer, Cleveland Indians

Dr Cooke,

I can't thank you enough for taking the time to treat my sister while she was in town.  You were such a life saver and the cost was so minimal!  I know she really appreciated that.  It is great to have people like you in our lives.  You are so kind, thoughtful and helpful.  Jhonny and I are both so thankful for all you do and have done and continue to do!

Molly and Jhonny Peralta



Thank you for the outstanding dental work that you provided for me.  I appreciate your thorough analysis of the procedures that would improve my bite nd oral health.  You were always available to answer questions and to accomodate my needs for impromptu appointments.  Your staff members are friendly and well educated. I am confident that I am recieving the best dental services available when interacting with you, your adjacent lab and your staff.  Thank you for the superb quality of service and thank you for your pleasant personality.

Kelly DeVries




Stephen and Staff,

What a pleasure to engage a dental practice that believes in responsible dentistry.  The staff is so very confident and under Dr. Cooke's leadership, they have built a solid team dedicated to providing quality services to the client.  I have full confidence and trust in their abilities and I enjoy the personal attention I receive.  You're the one and only dental practice for me.

Susan M.Rasch




Dear Dr. Steve,

 Our patient relationship goes back to when you first started in Lakewood, maybe 25 years ago.  Besides being a skilled professional, you have been a wonderful friend, always going above and beyond what was needed. I'll never forget the time I was having a problem and was seen immediately and you worked hard to solve my problem.  Your persistance really paid off.  God bless you always and in every way. Love,

Joan Donnelly




Dear Dr. Cooke,

I am honored to write this testimonial for you.  I have been your patient for many years and you have always taken care of every problem that I have had.  With serious dental problems, I was told about a young dentist who was teaching at Case Western Reserve School of Dentistry. You saved my teeth years ago when everyone else had given up on my case.  Many years later, I have all my teeth and I am completely happy with the results you have given me and my husband. You have extraordinary skill, knowledge and talent. I have utmost confidence and respect in your professional decisions and after knowing yu for many years, I know you as a kind, caring man who is very much concerned with the well-being of your patients.  We have traveled countless times from Youngstown to see you and are so happy we have.  Your staff is friendly, helpful and kind, always making a visit to the office a pleaswant experience.

Flora Pamer
Youngstown, Ohio




My experience with Dr. Cooke has been superb.  I sought his consultation on a complete dental restoration ten months ago.  He and his staff gave me a comprehensive evaluation and a time table to impliment their plan according to my budget considerations.  I am now in the final stage of the process and totally satisfied.  Dr. Cooke's commitment to excellence in all phases of the project goes unsurpassed.

Peter Minsel
Richfield, Ohio




Dear Steve,

 It is with great pleasure that I can write a "testimonial" to the wonderful quality of dental work which I have experienced over the past eleven (11) years as a patient of your dental practice. I feel certain, with a less skilled practitioner, I would at this moment be wearing full dentures, rather than having a dazzling smile full of restorations and implants.

 I have always been impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of your staff, as well as of yourself. I think it is particularly impressive the way all parts of your practice are coordinated and that you work well with other dental professionals, Dr Howard Williams, in my case.  I enjoy coming to your office and I know I will receive quality dental care.  I feel like part of the "family".

Aberdeen H. Sabo




I have been to more people in my life who say they practice dentistry than I care to admit.  I have had more problems , broken bridges, snapped pins on implants, name a problem and I've had it.  That is until I met Dr. Cooke.  He looked at my mouth, moved it a little to show me how it should line up and explained how improper fit of crowns, etc. caused pressures that were breaking things in my mouth.  5 years later, I have great looking teeth and absolutely no problems since.  Dr. Cooke is one of a kind.

Brad Roller
Chairman Vistage 3547




I met Dr. Cooke through a very fussy friend who complained about every doctor that she had.  Dr Cooke had rave reviews from I decided to visit him. We travel an hour and twenty minutes to his office and at our first visit we met a lady in the elevator who said she was there from Florida and comes to him because he was such a good dentist.
After 25 years of treatment, Dr. Cooke and his staff are part of my heart.  Dr. Cooke is very concerned and careful with excellent care that he takes with his patients.  He has totally reformed my bite.
Dr.Cooke removed all the silver fillings (which were many) and replaced them with white porcelain crowns and inlays.  While he made my teeth beautiful and removed all the toxic fillings.  Now I enjoy all my teeth meeting together and my bite is perfectly even and matched.  What a joy!
Dr Cooke and his girls are friendly, caring and make you feel like you are their most important patient every time they see or speak to you!  They are sure to handle your emergencies and yearly check ups with professional urgency and care!

Myrna Apel-Brueggeman
Akron, Ohio




Both my wife and I have recently had crown and bridge total moutn restoration.  Our experience was a joy.  From the first shot of novacaine to the last polishing of the enamel, there was never a pain or a moment of discomfort.  In our opinion, what Picasso is to art, Dr. Cooke is to dentistry, A TRUE ARTIST!!

Lee and George Roller
Bratenahl, Ohio




Even though I am married to an orthodontist, I get very nervous in the dentist's office.  Dr. Cooke does a complete job of making me feel at ease by explaining every step of what he is going to do and what I should expect.  His staff is accommodating, friendly, helpful and outgoing while at the same time being efficient.
When I walk into the office, I am greeted with a warm hello and a comfortable place to relax for a moment.  Gentle dental care is provided by everyone involved in the dental practice.

Meigan Ward
Avon Lake, Ohio




There is dentistry and then there is artistry...Dr. Stephen Cooke and his staff provided me with outstanding dental care that remedied my functional and cosmetic needs.  They provided me with the utmost personal attention and high caliber care that one comes to expect from their practice. My jaw issues stopped since my bite has been corrected and I am grateful for their attention to detail. 

M. L. Holm
Cleveland, Ohio